Electronic Testing

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We offer electronic testing for all manner of examinations for companies, groups and other organisations. We have had more than 50 electronic and manual examinations with a combined count of more than 300,000 candidates in the last 3 years. Our testing center is calm and quiet, suitable for all kinds of testing. Our Adaptive e-Learning and e-Testing center can hold more than 500 candidates at a seating.
Testing Facilities
Our Adaptive e-Learning and e-Testing Center is equipped with a working Local Area Network for electroni examinations. Groups and organisations can make available their server (as the case may be). Technical support staff are also available to provide the needed technical support and ensure that your electronic testing project is 100% successful.
The center also boasts of the one of the best e-testing applications around to handle all manner of electronic examinations. Robust and flexible, the software handles all activities related to electronic examinations including scheduling, question generation, result processing and computations as well as publishing of results.

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