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Whether you have a need for a half-day course for your new hires or several weeks of training that results in multiple certifications for your staff, we will work with you to provide the training you need, at the location of your choice, during the timeframe that fits into your corporate schedule.
If you are not sure of the kind of custom class you need, you can tell us about your training needs, your ideal start-date, your location preference, your unique set of challenges and the expected outcome, and we will develop a customized training course proposal targeted to the specific needs of your staff within your scheduling constraints! We will gladly do this quickly and free of any obgligation.
On receipt of your contact information and basic course requirements we will contact you directly to get a more intimate feel for what your specific needs with regard to our customized IT course capabilities. We will then put together a letter that briefly describes the custom computer class that was discussed and outline your specific customization needs as we understand them. We'll then explain why we consider ourselves to be an ideal choice for providing customized IT training and provide you with some reference material and resources that you should consider when choosing the right custom IT instruction for your particular need.

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