Classroom Rental

Hall and Classroom Rentals for Groups and Corporations

RSUST ITA offers companies, agencies and organizations the ability to rent computer classroom and hall spaces for employee training programs, examinations and meetings. We also provide the ability for companies, agenies and other organisations to set up a training class with superior learning facilities.
Rental Hall and Classroom Characteristics
We have available space for up to 250 students at a time. Our facilities feature large, medium and small classrooms with the least capacity of 50 students at a time, all conveniently located for organisations from all over Nigeria. Our computer training halls and classrooms facilities are:

  • well organized
  • notably clean
  • technologically up-to-date,
  • well lit
  • spacious and have high capability machines, over-head projectors, white boards and easels.
  • We feature full classroom set-up included, full-time technical support, inventory management and storage and of course, free parking for all attendees.
    Included Computer Classroom Rental Service and Support
    We have assurances in place to make sure your classroom rental session goes smoothly no matter what. We also have an internet access round the clock. We have taken every precaution to make sure that each rental session is 100% successful.
    Additional Classroom Rental Service Options
    Additionally, RSUST ITA can provide breakfast and lunch for your corporate training events for an additional charge. We also provide full flexibility to meet the needs of any company's IT, computer training or general employee training requirements.

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